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Sustainable management, land rights and traditional knowledge - 2014b_malfatti_sustainable management-gis-tk___2014.pdf

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Date:05. Gennaio 2016

the project "Formazione Istituzionale, Ricerca e Documentazione per lo Sviluppo Agroforestale Sostenibile delle Comunità Mapuche del Cile" (Institutional Training, Research and Documentation for the Development of Sustainable Agroforestry in Mapuche Communities November 2007 - July 2011) intent to build and integration between scientific research, sustainable development and peace building, giving support to Local Indigenous Organizations. One of the main tools of the project consisted of the audiovisual recordings of orals sources, and the ability to quote, exchange and verification of analysis using Transana, a software for qualitative analysis.

Activities: Ethobotany research, participant research and training of locals in recording and georeferencing of tangible and intangible cultural heritages, oral history, traditional and local knowledges. Creation of a GIS and an audio-visual archive.

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4433.3604
Conference: Native Minorities in Dominating Society: Practice of Applied Studies and Efficient Tools of Ethnic Policy,, At Kemerovo (RU), Volume: Native Minorities in dominating society: practice of applied studies and efficient tools of ethnic policy

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