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Our World 2.0 UN University

Articles – Our World

Expert views, research and commentary on contemporary affairs and global issues relevant to the mandate of the United Nations

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  • A Starting Point to Solve the Global Water Crisis
    As we reach the two-year mark of the Sustainable Development Goals, a new policy support system provides authoritative evidence to help governments set clear paths to achieving water-related targets.

  • Global Environmental Change Is Creating Immobility “Traps”
    As environmental change is increasingly recognised as a powerful driver of migration, new policy frameworks must also acknowledge how it involuntarily “traps” households by curbing their ability to move when desired.

  • Sanitation Wins Must Not Become Safe Water Losses
    Efforts to end open defecation through rapid installation of low-cost pit latrines must be cautious of the potential impacts on groundwater and human health.

  • What Mekong Delta Communities Can Teach Us About Access to Safe Water
    Despite the immense scale of freshwater systems at the centre of SDG 6, ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all will require an approach that scales up from communities to better understand how water is used in daily life.

  • Point-based Immigration Doesn’t Add Up
    As the Trump Administration promotes a proposal to cut legal immigration to the United States using a ‘merit’-based points system, a closer look at current research demonstrates overwhelmingly positive economic impacts of US immigrants and their families.

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